Onion Free Taco Seasoning

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA again! Sorry! More on that subject later. But for now I had to share this recipe with you. So here’s to my fellow allergy freaks! ūüėČ


So, due to some new found health “goals”, I had an IGg food sensitivy test done and the results were crazy to say the least. Of all the things it revealed, the single hardest thing I’ve had to give up (even harder than gluten, which I’ve been without for 15 years) is ONIONS!!! I had a pantry full of delicious seasonings and guess what? 95% of them contained onions! Giving up cooking with onions wouldn’t be so difficult in and of itself if all I had to do was stop buying onions, but NOOO, that’s not enough. So here I am embarking on a new journey of making all my own spice blends from scratch. I will share others as I create them!

I pulled this one together last night for dinner, made a big batch and thankfully  it was a big hit with all my boys. Score!

I did measurements in tablespoons so it would be easy to multiply depending on the batch size you want to make. I did a double batch and it was enough to fill a half pint mason jar plus make dinner last night. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


3 T cumin

2 T chili powder

1.5 T granulated garlic

1.5 T salt

1 T black pepper

.5 T oregano

Combine ingredients in jar and shake, shake, shake, shake, shake! I used 2 T of mix per 1 lb of ground beef for delicious onion free taco meat. Enjoy!



And the Winner Is….


First of all, I want to apologize for the belated announcement! ¬†Secondly, for some reason only one comment posted even though I approved the others. So if you don’t see your comment on the giveaway post, I doubly apologize! Forgive me? On to the announcement:

Congratulations to Benjilou! Your workshop bundle is on it’s way!

I’m sneaking this post in while I’m supposed to be making dinner so it’s short and sweet! Here’s to a healthy year!

Wildtree Figure Friendly Freezer Meals Bundle Giveaway!

Join me on a journey!¬†I’m about to try a sugar detox of sorts! In honor of this, I’m giving away a sugar detox friendly freezer meal bundle.

When you meal plan with Wildtree you are getting all natural and organic ingredients. The Figure Friendly bundle typically includes the Taco Seasoning Blend. However, I am substituting the Fajita Blend in this giveaway. Why!? While Wildtree’s Taco Seasoning is AMAZING and free of all the bad stuff you see in the store packets today, it does contain corn (non-GMO of course) which I will be avoiding during my sugar detox. Join me on this healthy journey!

Enter the Giveaway below. Share with friends. Order the bundle here and have some friends over for your own freezer meal workshop. Add these items to your cart: For Garlic Lover’s Gift Set, Natural Grapeseed Oil, and Fajita Seasoning Blend. Email me for your recipes and instructions!


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I’m baaaack!

Hello, strangers! So I jumped into the whole blog idea with great intentions, but no clue. Thus why I have been MIA. I spent the summer doing things and taking pictures so I could blog about them and then BAM here we are headed into winter with no blog posts since June. My apologies! This post will be short and sweet as I do not want today’s “real” post to be categorized with this reintroduction/apology/ excuse post. I’m looking forward to sharing some yummy recipes and fun DIY projects with you all!

An affair to remember!

baked chick scampi pan

Call me rebellious! I made a¬†freezer meal¬†last night that called for a greased 9×13 pan and I used an ungreased 12″ cast iron skillet instead. Oooooh! About a month ago I decided to buy some cast iron pans on sale. I have a cabinet full of expensive stainless steel pots and pans, but I found my food was always sticking to the pans. I will not use non-stick pans for my meals so I started to wonder about cast iron. My mom used it growing up. My sister uses it. Why hadn’t I tried it? Oh yeah, I remember! I kept convincing myself it was expensive. NOT! I don’t know why I had it in my head that cast iron was too expensive. I mean relatively speaking, it’s way cheaper than most cookware out there. I guess I just didn’t have money when I started the whole thinking process and had it in my head that I could never afford it.

Fast forward to the sale! My largest stainless steel pan was a 10 incher, not quite big enough for some things in my opinion. So I set out to get a 12″ cast iron skillet. Of course that was the only size sold out when I arrived! I decided to go ahead and get an 8 and 10″ skillet and got a rain check¬†for the 12″. And so began my new love affair!¬†I couldn’t wait to get my 12″ skillet! I could cook everything in my cast iron! Nothing sticks and I’m not worried about chemicals leaching into my food. I can bake in it too! Yes I have a stone 9×13 I could have used in last nights recipe, but why bother when my cast iron is always handy? Now I gladly own all 3 cast iron skillets and my stainless steel sits sad and lonely in the cabinet.

If you are considering cast iron, do it! If you are worried about using non-stick pans, just use cast iron! Don’t have room? In my opinion you can leave your clean cast iron skillets nested right on the stove and they add character! You can find cast iron pans for $20 and under at most hardware, camping and department stores.

I sacrifice for the cause!


So have you ever read something on the internet ie. Facebook, Pinterest and wondered if it was true, “Does that really work?” This week I conducted my own experiment. I read a post on Facebook. For the life of me I can’t remember which page! It was about an unusual use for limes. Did you know you can use limes for deodorant? I thought, “No way! Sticky, stinky, stingy!” And while some households may always have a lime on hand to give this a try, I assure you we are not one of those households. “But wait! I just bought 6 limes for my freezer meal planning and didn’t use them all. Perhaps I’ll give it a try!”

So I took a shower (shaved my armpits, mind you), cut a lime in half and labeled a sandwich bag “DEO” so no one tries to eat my ‘stinky pitties’, as my 3 year old calls them. I closed my eyes, held my breath and rubbed that bad boy right on my freshly shaved armpits…Hmm, not bad! I picked the pulp off my skin and walked around like a gorilla for about a minute while I waited for it to dry. Day 1: so far so good! (and no, it wasn’t sticky!)

Now the real test, the sacrifice! Day 2: no shower. Now to say this is a sacrifice is any SAHM’s laughable denial. Sometimes we don’t shower! Shhh! Mondays are often my I don’t want to get out of bed, much less bathe day. So I walk to the fridge, pull out my new handy, dandy deodorant and give the ‘stinky pitties’ a rub. Refreshing, actually! Through out the day I gave my armpits a good whiff. Nothing!

So there you have it, it works! While the lime is only meant to be used for about 1-2 week max, it may not be the cheapest natural deodorant (mineral salt crystals last FOREVER!), it’s about as natural as you can get and it’s handy in a pinch when you have nothing but a lime in your fridge to stifle the pits!


Welcome! WAHM, BAHM, SAHM I AM! That’s right, I am a Work At Home Mom, Blog At Home Mom, and Stay At Home Mom! This blog was created to share my work and help other mom’s do the same. I hope to eventually include videos of how to prepare easy, healthy freezer meals for your family, ideas for cooking and cleaning without chemicals,¬†cute organizational tools and fun things to do with kiddos. Thanks for reading!