Check the pantry!

Wildtree pantry

If you’ve ever used that phrase chances are you’ve heard this response: “I can’t find anything in here!” On a quest to organize my pantry I found some acrylic drawer organizers (meant to keep your socks and undies nice and organized in your dresser) and thought, “these would hold my spice bottles perfectly!” Knowing I needed more shelf space I knew I’d have to go up. So, I stacked one on top of the other on the store shelf and they seemed pretty sturdy. I grabbed both organizers and off I went. When I got home I jumped right into my new project. The result? As you can see in the picture I have my drawer organizers stacked with all my shorter bottles in the bottom and taller bottles in the top. If I need to get something out of the bottom, I can easily slide the top organizer off like a drawer and have easy access without having to worry about knocking 15 things over to get to something in the back! The point? Think outside the box! Organizing and decluttering decreases stress. Clutter is an inherent disease in my family. I’m slowly emerging! Sorry, family! I know it’s not all of you, but let’s look at the relatives (we all know who they are, including myself!) I hope you find this tid bit helpful and perhaps I’ve even inspired some to tackle their pantry! It’s a busy day so look in the next couple days for more photos in the Clean Your Room tab of my website!