Hhhaaa! means Hot!

Burnt corn

Hhhhaaaa as in you’re trying to clear your throat or a cat with a hairball! That’s what my 1 year old says at the sight of a steaming pot on the stove. And last night I’m glad he informed me! Who knew you could burn boiling corn on the cob? Oh, I’m sure you did! Well, this is what it looks like! I’m sure you’re wondering why you would take cooking advice from a girl who can do that. Well, rest assured!  The freezer meals and recipes you’ll find in the I’m Hungry section of my website are tried (by professionals) and true. I’m merely sharing the wonderful tips and tools for easy, HEALTHY meals for busy people. A resource if you will! I never said I could cook!

When I follow the recipes accordingly, I’m told my cooking is quite good! Believe me my husband knows how to politely tell me, “It was edible,” which translates, ” I only ate that because I love you!” When he says, “that was good,” he means it! And so far, the freezer meals I’ve prepared are ‘really good’ so please don’t be frightened when I’m brutally honest and show you my burnt corn on the cob! I share because I care! If you really are like me and didn’t know you could burn boiling corn on the cob, you’ve been told! Tonight we are having nachos made with the taco meat from my freezer meals. Fool proof!