4 lbs. of beef equals dinner x 5!

Payday, check! Costco, check! Time to make some freezer meals! I didn’t have the motivation to tackle all the meat at once so I decided to break it down in to one meat per night until I was finished. Hey, 3 nights with a little extra time spent on dinner is worth it to know dinner is planned and ready for the next two weeks plus! Tonight we tackle the beef.

4 lbs burger FM

So how do those three ziploc bags amount to 5 meals you ask!? Well, I’ll tell you what, that meatloaf isn’t going down in one sitting! And believe it or not, that loner pound with the skillet meal mix, once you add the mix and rice to the meal, it’ll feed this family two times, especially if you want to add some extra goodness like corn or black beans or maybe roll it up into a tortilla. Oh man and those burgers, my new FAVE!!! That’s a LOTTA burger. Once you beef it up (no pun intended) those “quarter pounders” are more like 1/3 or more.

So this is how freezer meals work, you take the ingredients, mash up in a bag and freeze them until you’re ready to use! Obviously there’s still some cooking and maybe even a few more ingredients required to complete the meal. For instance, the above recipes will require spaghetti sauce, Wildtree’s Mexican Skillet Meal, milk, rice, and hamburger buns (optional). These are often staples you keep in your pantry anyway. For the complete recipes with cooking instructions contact themom@wahmbahmsahmiam.com!