Peanut Butter Choffy Protein Shake

Choffy smoothie

In my effort to to find quasi healthy foods and snacks for myself and more importantly my picky eater, I decided to start making protein/fiber shakes to satisfy the sweet tooth yet not fill little one with total junk and stave off hunger. As you may know, I like to drink Choffy 100% brewed chocolate. What you may not know is that you can use your Choffy grounds for much more than brewing. This is great as you get more bang for your buck when you can reuse the brewed grounds PLUS you get the benefit of “eating” the whole bean! This is just one of many recipes, but it was a big hit when we tried it out yesterday!

Peanut Butter Choffy Protein Shake:


1 frozen banana

6 ice cubes

2 Tbsp peanut butter (I used Adam’s chunky this time)

2 scoops protein powder – I used Arbonne’s Vanilla Protein

1/2 scoop fiber powder – again I used Arbonne’s (I only use half as more seems to make a certain stink in the house, if you know what I mean 😉 )

2 heaping Tbsp spent Choffy grounds (you can use more too)

1 cup liquid (we used unsweetened almond milk, but I will be trying it with brewed Choffy next time)


Combine in blender and blend until desired consistency is met. You can add more liquid if you’d like it a little thinner. This made enough for my self and two little guys!



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