An affair to remember!

baked chick scampi pan

Call me rebellious! I made a freezer meal last night that called for a greased 9×13 pan and I used an ungreased 12″ cast iron skillet instead. Oooooh! About a month ago I decided to buy some cast iron pans on sale. I have a cabinet full of expensive stainless steel pots and pans, but I found my food was always sticking to the pans. I will not use non-stick pans for my meals so I started to wonder about cast iron. My mom used it growing up. My sister uses it. Why hadn’t I tried it? Oh yeah, I remember! I kept convincing myself it was expensive. NOT! I don’t know why I had it in my head that cast iron was too expensive. I mean relatively speaking, it’s way cheaper than most cookware out there. I guess I just didn’t have money when I started the whole thinking process and had it in my head that I could never afford it.

Fast forward to the sale! My largest stainless steel pan was a 10 incher, not quite big enough for some things in my opinion. So I set out to get a 12″ cast iron skillet. Of course that was the only size sold out when I arrived! I decided to go ahead and get an 8 and 10″ skillet and got a rain check for the 12″. And so began my new love affair! I couldn’t wait to get my 12″ skillet! I could cook everything in my cast iron! Nothing sticks and I’m not worried about chemicals leaching into my food. I can bake in it too! Yes I have a stone 9×13 I could have used in last nights recipe, but why bother when my cast iron is always handy? Now I gladly own all 3 cast iron skillets and my stainless steel sits sad and lonely in the cabinet.

If you are considering cast iron, do it! If you are worried about using non-stick pans, just use cast iron! Don’t have room? In my opinion you can leave your clean cast iron skillets nested right on the stove and they add character! You can find cast iron pans for $20 and under at most hardware, camping and department stores.


2 thoughts on “An affair to remember!

  1. I ADORE cast iron! Aside from regular uses, I have a flat one I love to use for pancakes and grilled cheese, its way better than the regular pans!

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