I sacrifice for the cause!


So have you ever read something on the internet ie. Facebook, Pinterest and wondered if it was true, “Does that really work?” This week I conducted my own experiment. I read a post on Facebook. For the life of me I can’t remember which page! It was about an unusual use for limes. Did you know you can use limes for deodorant? I thought, “No way! Sticky, stinky, stingy!” And while some households may always have a lime on hand to give this a try, I assure you we are not one of those households. “But wait! I just bought 6 limes for my freezer meal planning and didn’t use them all. Perhaps I’ll give it a try!”

So I took a shower (shaved my armpits, mind you), cut a lime in half and labeled a sandwich bag “DEO” so no one tries to eat my ‘stinky pitties’, as my 3 year old calls them. I closed my eyes, held my breath and rubbed that bad boy right on my freshly shaved armpits…Hmm, not bad! I picked the pulp off my skin and walked around like a gorilla for about a minute while I waited for it to dry. Day 1: so far so good! (and no, it wasn’t sticky!)

Now the real test, the sacrifice! Day 2: no shower. Now to say this is a sacrifice is any SAHM’s laughable denial. Sometimes we don’t shower! Shhh! Mondays are often my I don’t want to get out of bed, much less bathe day. So I walk to the fridge, pull out my new handy, dandy deodorant and give the ‘stinky pitties’ a rub. Refreshing, actually! Through out the day I gave my armpits a good whiff. Nothing!

So there you have it, it works! While the lime is only meant to be used for about 1-2 week max, it may not be the cheapest natural deodorant (mineral salt crystals last FOREVER!), it’s about as natural as you can get and it’s handy in a pinch when you have nothing but a lime in your fridge to stifle the pits!


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